How I Got Here

about me

We’re thrilled that everyone who holds our wedding bouquets knows they are getting elegant flowers worthy of the most breathtaking  bride.

Before I created Studio 100, I was part of a small fun team working as florist. Together we  created 2 prize winning designs at the respected Ellersile Flower Show.  But without a doubt weddings were my thing. A bit like cooking, I could make the whole meal but making desert was super exciting.

Then one day after working with a trendy couple who had silk flowers for their wedding, I feel in love with creating modern, current bouquets with quality silk flowers. They could be delivered before the big day, didn’t wilt or didn’t get thrown away at the end of the night, they were the perfect keepsake.

But here’s the thing, I was concerned maybe brides had an unappealing old and dusty feeling towards silk flowers, so continued to concentrate on fresh wedding flowers.  The truth is,  while you can never beat fresh flowers, a fresh approach to seriously good silk flowers is a winner too.

I decided to create the most elegant handmade wedding flowers for the most stylish brides in Auckland. Who loved fresh flowers or weren’t afraid to fake it with seriously good silk flowers. It turns out the road was more difficult than I first imagined. The creative side of business was absorbing, but I had to refine my business skills… and,  well to be perfectly honest learn from scratch website building along with playing on social media platforms.

I was committed to creating a friendly, simplified approach to ordering quality wedding flowers. I feared no one would want to buy wedding flowers online without months and months of planning and discussions around their flowers. Through it all, we released our first wedding flower collection and the response has been sensational.